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Where I stand on the issues


Mining has been long-standing and prosperous industry in the region. By raising calculated
claims of insufficient safety and demanding the imposition of expensive government
regulations, extreme environmentalists have threatened to strip the economic security of
families who depend on the mines to put food on the table. Luis will not tolerate political
stalling tactics nor will he allow cumbersome regulations to hinder men and women from
earning a living. Additionally, Luis works diligently with the appropriate environmental
groups to continue the preservation of resources, water quality, and optimal safety standards.

Protect Miners and their jobs


Stand for Second Amendment Rights

Luis knows that it is important – now, more than ever – to protect the right to bear arms, as it is
not only a way of life, but also a means of protection for so many families across the district. He fights against anti-gun legislation that does not hold up under the Constitution, and will not
allow outside groups that have dropped millions of dollars into New Mexico for the purpose of
passing sweeping gun control to determine the values of the people of our state.


Luis has strong relationships with people all over the district and is dedicated to doing right by
every resident. He is eager to listen to their concerns and march them right up to Santa Fe. He
believes that the people elect Representatives to do exactly that – represent them. Above all
the politics, Luis focuses on serving people.

Unite the community

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